“Our police are always on top” — Gambians applaud swift arrest of alleged murderer of Isatou Bailo Bah

In a significant development following the tragic murder of Isatou Bailo Bah in Nema Sukuta, the Gambia Police Force has made a breakthrough by apprehending the alleged perpetrator, Muhammed Susoho.

This arrest comes after a diligent investigation into the untimely death of Isatou Bailo Bah.

Isatou Bailo Bah was reportedly murdered on Friday, April 12, in Nema Sukuta. The swift actions of the police have led to the suspect’s detention, where he is cooperating with authorities as the investigation progresses.

The prompt arrest of Muhammed Susoho has garnered widespread praise and commendation from netizens across social media platforms. Many citizens took to online platforms to express their support and admiration for the efforts of the Gambia Police Force in combating crime.

Dawda Camara stated, “The Gambia Police Force is always on top of things. Let us keep supporting the Police in their fight against crimes and criminals. Reporting suspected criminal activities to the Police is a responsibility of a Good Citizen.”

Salifu Jarju also lauded the police, saying, “Bravo Gambia police, I swear you guys are doing tremendously well apprehending criminals after criminals, murderers after murderers almost week after week all to protect lives and properties of the citizens.”

Yusupha Touray expressed optimism about the potential of the Gambia Police Force with increased support: “I am with the belief that if the GPF are given the necessary support by the public and government, they’ll be the best in Africa.”

Ismaila Cham offered words of encouragement, saying, “Thank you The GPF, keep up the good work. Proud of you all from top to bottom. May Allah bless you all in your respective endeavors, guard, guide, and protect you.”

The public reaction underscores a growing confidence and appreciation for the efforts of law enforcement in The Gambia. With the arrest of Muhammed Susoho, there is hope that justice will be served for Isatou Bailo Bah, providing a sense of closure to her grieving family and community. The Gambia Police Force continues to demonstrate its commitment to ensuring safety and security for all citizens.

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