Senegal: 25 ministers, 5 secretaries of state appointed

Senegal has unveiled its new government lineup with the appointment of 25 ministers and 5 secretaries of state across key portfolios.

This decision, outlined in a decree issued on April 2, 2024, marks a strategic move by the government to address crucial national priorities.

The newly appointed Prime Minister, Mrs. Yassine Fall, will lead this diverse cabinet, reflecting a blend of experienced individuals and fresh faces tasked with steering Senegal’s path forward. Among the prominent figures are General Birame Diop as Minister of Armed Forces and Mr. Ousmane Diagne as Minister of Justice, Guardian of the Seals, showcasing a balanced mix of military and civilian expertise.

Other notable appointments include Mr. Birame Souleil Diop as Minister of Energy, Petroleum, and Mines, and Mr. Abdourahmane Saad as Minister of Economy, Planning, and Cooperation, underscoring a focus on economic and energy sector development.

The cabinet also highlights gender diversity with prominent female figures like Madame Fatou Diouf, appointed Minister of Fisheries, Maritime, and Port Infrastructure, and Madame Maïmouna Diaye as Minister of Family and Solidarity.

Furthermore, the inclusion of Mr. Amadou Moustapha Ndiak Saré as Minister of Vocational Training and Government Spokesman signals a commitment to communication and education reform. The government’s emphasis on infrastructure and development is evidenced by Mr. Malik Ndiaye’s appointment as Minister of Infrastructure, Land, and Air Transport.

In addition to the ministerial appointments, the decree also names five Secretaries of State, tasked with specific areas such as Senegalese diaspora affairs, urban planning and housing, and cultural heritage.

This comprehensive and diverse government structure aims to address a range of challenges facing Senegal, from economic growth and environmental sustainability to social welfare and innovation. The official gazette publication of this decree on April 5, 2024, solidifies the new government’s mandate and sets the stage for concerted efforts towards national progress.

The appointments come amidst high expectations from Senegalese citizens for effective governance and tangible outcomes in critical sectors. As the new government assumes office in Dakar, all eyes are on their agenda and actions, shaping Senegal’s trajectory in the years ahead.

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