June 16, 2024

Africa’s rich heritage to shine in New York


Africa, the cradle of humanity and civilization, will soon have its cultural legacy celebrated in the heart of New York City with the launch of the “Museum of Africa.”

The African Union Day Foundation, in collaboration with Daylight Africa and other Pan-Africanist partners, has announced the establishment of a temporary exhibition space to showcase Africa’s vast history and contributions to the world. This leased space will serve as the precursor to a permanent museum, with efforts underway to raise the necessary funds for its construction.

The organizers are urgently calling for public support in the form of ‘founding museum artifacts,’ either donated or loaned, to populate the museum’s initial displays. The temporary museum will not only feature exhibitions but will also host events, storytelling sessions, and educational programs aimed at highlighting Africa’s historical and global impact.

The public is encouraged to participate in this historic initiative by becoming founding members, supporters, curators, and artifact providers. The Museum of Africa is expected to become a major cultural attraction, drawing visitors from around the world and showcasing the rich heritage of the African continent.

This long-overdue institution promises to be a beacon of knowledge and appreciation for Africa’s enduring legacy in the global cultural landscape.

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