Banjul: Mayor Lowe launches project for expansion of Taiawun Arabic School

In a significant step towards enhancing educational opportunities in Banjul, Mayor Malick Lowe marked a pivotal moment with the laying of the foundation stone for the expansion project of Taiawun Arabic School.

The foundation laying, held at Tobacco Road in Campama Ward, Banjul North Constituency, signifies a major commitment towards accommodating more students and enriching Arabic education within the city.

Mayor Malick Lowe expressed her enthusiasm and gratitude following the commencement of this crucial construction endeavor, which was made possible through the allocation of land by the General Council under his leadership.

The decision to support the Fulbe community in constructing another school reflects a concerted effort to bolster educational capacity and foster inclusive learning environments.

“The approval by the General Council and the allocation of space for the Taiawun Arabic School expansion represent a significant milestone in our commitment to educational development,” Mayor Lowe emphasized.

According to her, the project aims to address the growing demand for Arabic and English language instruction, ensuring that more students have access to quality education.

The Taiawun Arabic School, once completed, is expected to substantially increase its student intake and offer enhanced educational programs aligned with the school curriculum.

This expansion underscores a broader initiative to empower youth in Banjul, particularly girls, with comprehensive language skills and educational opportunities.

Acknowledging the collaborative efforts that made this project possible, Mayor Malick Lowe extended special thanks to the General Council for their support and to the school authorities, particularly the board, for their unwavering commitment to advancing Arabic education in Banjul.

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