June 16, 2024

Egypt leads Africa in maize production


Egypt has emerged as a leader in maize production on the African continent, boasting the highest yield per hectare.

According to recent agricultural data, one hectare of maize in Egypt yields approximately 7.3 metric tons (MTs) of maize, equivalent to about 7,300 kilograms (KGs) or 81 bags of 90 KGs each.

This impressive yield translates to an average production of 32.5 bags of 90 KGs per acre.

The nation dedicates around 1 million hectares to maize cultivation, resulting in an annual output of roughly 7.4 million MTs of maize. This high productivity secures Egypt’s position as Africa’s fourth-largest maize producer, trailing behind South Africa, Nigeria, and Ethiopia.

Egypt’s significant maize yield is a testament to its advanced agricultural practices and efficient use of arable land, setting a benchmark for other African nations aiming to enhance their agricultural productivity.

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