Farewell to Mbappé: A Legacy of Glory and Passion

Dear Paris Saint-Germain fans

On Sunday, we will come together to honour a player who not only scored goals on the field but also our hearts with his grace, talent, and unwavering dedication to our beloved club. Kylian Mbappé, a living legend of football, graces us with his presence for one last home game, and it is with deep gratitude that we pay tribute.

Kylian isn’t just an outstanding player. He is a symbol of youth, excellence and passion that characterize PSG. Since his remarkable debut, he has enchanted crowds with his lightning speed, technical mastery, and ability to change the course of the game in an instant. But beyond his prowess on the field, it is his humble personality and commitment to the team that won our hearts.

As dedicated fans, we’ve had the privilege of watching Kylian evolve before our eyes, to see him shine on the national and international stage, to see him win titles and make football history. Every dribble, every assist, every goal scored will forever be etched in our memories, testimonies to his undeniable genius and his love for the game.

So, as we prepare to bid Kylian farewell on our hallowed ground, let’s take a moment to pay him our respect, admiration, and appreciation for all that he brought to PSG. He was much more than a player to us; he was a role model, a leader and a true ambassador for our club.

Let this final home game be an occasion to celebrate Kylian Mbappé’s magnificent legacy at PSG. May our cheers echo through the stadium, our chants echo in the stands, and may we give him the ovation he deserves for all that he has given to our team and our community of supporters.

Thank you, Kylian, for the unforgettable memories, for the moments of joy and emotion, and for wearing our colors with so much pride and passion. You’ll be forever in our hearts, and PSG will always be your home.

Zaccaria Coulibaly
Unconditional supporter since 1991 and for life!
Let’s go Mbappé! Let’s go PSG!

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