June 16, 2024

Gambia disburses 8 million dalasis to aid vulnerable families


In a significant move to support the nation’s most vulnerable, President Adama Barrow’s government has disbursed 8 million Gambian Dalasis. This initiative is part of a larger 30 million Dalasis allocation aimed at providing essential support to those in need across the country.

The groundbreaking Family Strengthening Program (FSP) has successfully delivered the first round of payments between January and April 2024.

Targeting approximately 2,000 beneficiaries, the program focuses on older persons aged 70 and above, persons with disabilities, orphans aged 10 and below, and female heads of households. Each beneficiary will receive a monthly cash transfer of 1,000 Dalasis throughout 2024, with the possibility of an increase in 2025.

Implemented by the Directorate of Social Welfare under the Ministry of Gender, Children, and Social Welfare, the program is overseen by the Office of the Vice President.

The FSP aims to enhance the immediate and long-term welfare of its citizens by increasing access to essential goods and services, and fostering investments in human and productive capital.

The government utilizes The Gambia Social Registry, a comprehensive database that records the demographic and socioeconomic details of households across the country, to ensure effective targeting of beneficiaries.

For the first time, cash assistance for vulnerable individuals has been mainstreamed into the national budget, allowing beneficiaries to choose the most convenient method of receiving their support, including digital payments.

This initiative underscores the government’s commitment to meaningful reform and recognizes the invaluable partnership of the European Union in supporting Gambia’s development programs.

This strategic disbursement is a testament to President Barrow’s inclusive policy, aimed at uplifting every Gambian and ensuring no one is left behind.

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