Gambia police launch manhunt for Senegalese linked to series of high-profile burglaries

The Gambian police have launched an urgent search for Mass Njie, a Senegalese national wanted in connection with a string of high-profile burglaries and thefts across various financial institutions in The Gambia.

The police are seeking public assistance to help locate this elusive suspect.

Mass Njie’s alleged criminal activities have spanned several months, with notable incidents including the brazen theft of substantial sums from prominent establishments, Africa Parrot learnt.

The suspect is believed to have executed his crimes with precision and remains at large despite law enforcement’s ongoing efforts.

According to the police, the first reported incident occurred on January 27, 2024, at the Ping Money Bureau situated within the Standard Chartered Building on Kairaba Avenue.

The police reported that Njie allegedly forcibly entered the premises and absconded with a significant amount of cash. Just over a week later, on February 5th, he targeted Vista Bank in Banjul, executing a similar modus operandi and eluding capture.

Further compounding the investigation, Njie struck again on February 29th, breaking into an APS Bureau in Old Yundum, West Coast Region, and making off with additional funds.

The authorities have characterized Njie as a proficient and calculated criminal, leveraging his background in the fishing trade centered around Tanji for anonymity and mobility.

Law enforcement officials emphasize the critical role of public cooperation in swiftly bringing Mass Njie to justice. Anyone possessing information pertinent to Njie’s current whereabouts or activities is urged to come forward immediately.

The police have reaffirmed their unwavering commitment to ensuring public safety and restoring security by apprehending the wanted suspect.

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