June 15, 2024

GPF finalizes coordination plans for Tobaski Trade Fair with key stakeholders


The Gambia Police Force (GPF) has successfully concluded a critical meeting to finalize coordination plans for the upcoming Tobaski Trade Fair. The meeting, held at Police Headquarters and presided over by Commissioner of Police Operations Lamin L.K. Bojang, brought together key stakeholders to ensure the event’s smooth execution and security.

Participants included the Commissioner of Operations for the Immigration Department, representatives from other sister forces, the Gambia Youth Chamber of Commerce, the Gambia Market Union, the Gambia United Breeders Association, and executive members of Operation Clear Roads.

The discussions centered on efficient traffic management and the strategic placement of vendors in designated public spaces within the Greater Banjul Area. These measures are designed to facilitate a seamless and secure environment for both vendors and attendees of the trade fair.

In line with these plans, the GPF will implement targeted communication efforts to keep the public informed about the developments, ensuring widespread awareness and participation.

Commissioner Bojang emphasized the GPF’s commitment to working closely with partners and stakeholders to maintain and promote peace and security in The Gambia. “The coordination efforts for the Tobaski Trade Fair are part of a broader initiative to ensure that the event runs smoothly, accommodating the needs of all involved,” he stated.

This collaborative approach highlights the GPF’s dedication to enhancing public safety and supporting economic activities during significant cultural events like the Tobaski Trade Fair.

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