June 16, 2024

Guinea inaugurates Teal Industry, to boost domestic textile production


In a significant development for Guinea’s manufacturing sector, Teal Industry has inaugurated a new textile factory in Sanoyah, located in the suburbs of the Conakry region.

The factory boasts a weaving capacity of 30,000 meters per month, producing 100% cotton fabrics suitable for clothing, indigo dyeing, and furnishings.

Teal Industry’s establishment marks a pivotal step towards promoting domestic textile production and reducing reliance on imports. By offering high-quality, authentic fabrics, the factory aims to carve out a unique identity for Guinean textiles in both local and international markets.

The launch of this factory is expected to stimulate the local economy, create jobs, and enhance Guinea’s position in the textile industry. The promotion of “Made in Guinea” textiles not only highlights the country’s potential in manufacturing but also underscores a commitment to authenticity and cultural heritage.

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