Nigeria: Sports minister urges collaboration for enhanced sporting

In a move aimed at boosting national engagement and unity through sports, Senator John Owan Enoh, the Honourable Minister of Sports Development, has called for increased collaboration with the Ministry of Information and National Orientation to amplify the coverage of sporting events across Nigeria.

The call for collaboration was made during a courtesy visit by Senator Enoh and his team to Alhaji Mohammed Idris Malagi, the Honourable Minister of Information and National Orientation, and his team on Wednesday May 2nd, 2024.

During the meeting, Senator Enoh emphasized the pivotal role of sports in the nation, highlighting its unifying power and its ability to foster national pride and cohesion.

He cited the example of the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON), where Nigerians from all walks of life rallied together to support the national team, transcending tribal, religious, and political affiliations.

Senator Enoh proposed a strategic partnership with the Ministry of Information and National Orientation to promote sports development in Nigeria. One key suggestion was the creation of a calendar of upcoming sporting events that could guide the media organs of the Information Ministry in amplifying and broadcasting these events to a wider audience.

Upcoming events such as the National Sports Festival in Ogun State, the National Youth Games in Asaba, and the Para Games were highlighted by Senator Enoh as key focal points for enhanced media coverage.

The Sports Minister also commended President Tinubu for establishing a dedicated Ministry for Sports, aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and recognizing the vital role of sports in national development.

In response, Alhaji Mohammed Idris Malagi, the Minister of Information and National Orientation, praised Senator John Owan Enoh’s leadership and performance in advancing sports development. He acknowledged that Senator Enoh’s proactive approach had addressed initial concerns about his appointment, underscoring the Minister’s commitment to leveraging sports for national unity and progress.

Minister Malagi affirmed the administration’s dedication to prioritizing sports as a catalyst for nation-building and development. He endorsed the creation of a committee to explore areas of collaboration between the Ministries of Sports and Information, aimed at enhancing media exposure and public engagement with sporting events nationwide.

The proposed collaboration holds promise for bolstering the visibility and impact of sports across Nigeria, aligning with broader efforts to harness the transformative power of sports for national cohesion and development.

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