June 16, 2024

President Barrow champions Gambian industry growth


In a resounding show of support for Gambian industries, President Adama Barrow embarked on a comprehensive tour of strategic manufacturing facilities across the Greater Banjul Area, highlighting the pivotal role of industrialization in job creation and economic development.

Accompanied by the Honourable Minister of Trade, Industry, and Employment, Baboucarr S. Joof, President Barrow’s tour commenced with a visit to SRN Steel Company Ltd., a leading steel production firm specializing in recycling scrap metals for construction materials.

The president’s engagement underscored the importance of local manufacturing in meeting domestic market demands and fostering employment opportunities for Gambians.

Continuing his tour, President Barrow celebrated the success story of G Farms, established by a young Gambian entrepreneur in Sambouya, Kombo South. The poultry and dairy farm, which employs hundreds of local youths, exemplifies the transformative impact of agro-industrial initiatives on livelihoods and food security.

In Sukuta, President Barrow engaged with the Gambia Women’s Federation to support a women’s market initiative, reaffirming his commitment to empowering women in business and addressing market challenges faced by local entrepreneurs.

The tour further showcased the expansion and industrialization of Malick Mendy Tailoring, a longstanding institution empowering young Gambians with valuable skills and employment opportunities in the textile sector.

President Barrow’s visit to Ida’s Ideas, a pioneering Design Institute promoting fashion creativity, highlighted the importance of nurturing artistic talent and fostering innovation in the fashion industry.

The president’s tour also spotlighted local manufacturing prowess, as evidenced by his visit to SA Sombilly Enterprise, a Gambian company producing travel bags and suitcases for the domestic market, and his inspection of the SMG Dry Port, which plays a critical role in easing port congestion and enhancing revenue collection through efficient container operations.

At Nessim Trading and Gambia Milling Corporation, President Barrow explored opportunities for expanding flour production to meet local demand and boost employment in the milling sector.

The comprehensive industrial tour reflects President Barrow’s commitment to job creation and economic growth, with a target of generating 150,000 jobs within five years. By championing Gambian industries and addressing sector-specific challenges, the president aims to elevate the nation’s manufacturing profile and reinforce its economic competitiveness.

Looking ahead, President Barrow’s itinerary includes further engagements in the Kombos and Foni regions, underscoring his administration’s strategic vision for industrial development and economic diversification.

The president’s historic visit serves as a catalyst for collaborative partnerships between government and industry stakeholders, emphasizing the transformative impact of manufacturing on poverty alleviation and sustainable economic growth.

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