President Barrow elevates GAF officers, emphasizes innovation in national defence

In a significant ceremony underscoring his commitment to the nation’s security, President Adama Barrow, in his capacity as Commander in Chief of The Gambia Armed Forces (GAF), elevated ten senior officers to the prestigious rank of Colonel on Tuesday.

The event, held at the State House, symbolized the profound esteem the President holds for GAF members and their unwavering dedication to safeguarding the nation.

During the ceremony, President Barrow emphasized the vital role of the Armed Forces in upholding national security and urged the newly promoted Colonels to embrace innovative strategies in reshaping the image of GAF.

He encouraged them to leverage emerging technologies to enhance operational effectiveness, aligning with the ongoing Security Sector Reform and the National Development Plan (NDP) Yiriwa agenda.

Addressing the officers, President Barrow stated, “As a noble national defence institution, use emerging technologies to your advantage.” His remarks underscored the government’s commitment to modernizing the military and fostering a more responsive and efficient national defence framework.

Colonel Musa Kah, representing the newly promoted officers, expressed gratitude on behalf of his colleagues and reaffirmed their unwavering loyalty and readiness to serve the country.

The ceremony not only celebrated the professional achievements of these officers but also highlighted their exemplary character, patriotism, dedication, and commitment to duty.

The state decorations bestowed upon these deserving officers reflect their exceptional contributions to GAF and their demonstrated excellence in service. The event serves as a testament to the ongoing efforts to strengthen The Gambia’s defence capabilities and enhance the professionalism and effectiveness of its armed forces under President Barrow’s leadership.

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