President Barrow honors 2 outstanding figures with Gambian Awards

Today, His Excellency President Barrow presided over a significant conferment ceremony at the State House to bestow national honors upon two distinguished individuals for their outstanding contributions to society.

Dr. Muhammad Sulaiman Al Jasser, Chairman of the Islamic Development Bank, was awarded the esteemed Insignia of the Grand Commander of the Order of the Republic of The Gambia (GCRG), while Dr. Samuel Lantei Mills, the outgoing World Bank Team Leader for The Gambia, received the Insignia of the Commander of the Order of the Republic of The Gambia (CRG).

The conferment of these honorary titles acknowledges the profound achievements and remarkable impact of Dr. Al Jasser and Dr. Mills, particularly in advancing education and healthcare sectors in The Gambia.

President Barrow praised both recipients for their exceptional service and unwavering commitment to enhancing the welfare and well-being of Gambian citizens through their respective roles.

“This conferment demonstrates President Barrow’s steadfast dedication to advancing healthcare and education,” remarked the Minister for Health, Hon. Dr. Samateh.

Dr. Al Jasser’s leadership at the Islamic Development Bank has catalyzed transformative socio-economic initiatives in The Gambia, including significant contributions to the development of the University of The Gambia and infrastructural projects such as the expansion of the Bertil Harding highway. His efforts have also focused on enhancing agricultural value chains and implementing renewable energy projects across the country.

Expressing his gratitude, Dr. Al Jasser emphasized his commitment to fulfilling his responsibilities with passion and dedication, reaffirming his dedication to serving the people of The Gambia through impactful projects initiated by the Islamic Development Bank.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mills has left an indelible mark during his tenure as the World Bank Team Leader for The Gambia, spearheading groundbreaking initiatives such as the establishment of an environmentally friendly waste management system and the construction of critical healthcare facilities including the Farato emergency treatment center and national diagnostic centers.

In his remarks, Dr. Mills thanked President Barrow for the honor bestowed upon him and expressed optimism for the future, underscoring the positive trajectory of the World Bank’s initiatives in The Gambia.

Dr. Samateh commended President Barrow’s recognition of the honorees, highlighting Dr. Mills’ commitment to timely and professional project execution that significantly contributes to the socio-economic development of The Gambia.

The ceremony was attended by Cabinet Ministers and senior government officials, underscoring the national significance of this prestigious recognition. The awards symbolize The Gambia’s appreciation for the exceptional leadership and dedicated service of these distinguished personalities in fostering positive change and progress within the nation.

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