June 15, 2024

President Barrow launches SIE fund to boost entrepreneurship, vocational training in Gambia


In a landmark event held at the Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara Conference Center, His Excellency President Adama Barrow officially launched the Skills, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (SIE) Fund, marking a significant milestone in The Gambia’s efforts to transform its future through enhanced entrepreneurship and vocational training.

The SIE Fund aims to provide young people with essential skills and economic opportunities, integrating them into community and social activities to foster a more cohesive society. This initiative is a crucial part of President Barrow’s broader agenda to enhance tertiary and higher education in The Gambia.

During the launch, President Barrow highlighted the strategic importance of the SIE Fund within his government’s educational transformation framework. He stated, “The establishment of the SIE Fund is tactically situated within my Government’s tertiary and higher education transformation agenda.

As detailed in the 2023-2028 Recovery-Focused National Development Plan (YIRIWA), it has the prospect of increasing skills acquisition, employability, and job creation among Gambian youths and women.”

The SIE Fund is designed to address the critical need for skill development and economic empowerment among the country’s youth and women. By focusing on these groups, the fund aims to enhance their employability and support job creation, thereby contributing to the nation’s economic recovery and development goals outlined in the YIRIWA plan.

The launch event was attended by key government officials, educational leaders, and representatives from various sectors, all underscoring the collective commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in The Gambia. The initiative is expected to play a pivotal role in bridging the skills gap and promoting sustainable economic growth.

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