June 16, 2024

Gambia secures $40.9m Global Fund grant to combat HIV, TB, malaria


The Government of The Gambia, in partnership with The Global Fund, is set to launch a new grant cycle worth $40.9 million for the period of 2024-2027.

This substantial grant aims to accelerate the country’s progress in the fight against HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria while also strengthening its overall health systems.

The funding will support a wide range of activities including prevention, treatment, and support for HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria. It will cover essential aspects such as medical equipment, laboratory enhancements, medication provision, capacity building, and logistical support, all contributing significantly to the achievement of universal health coverage in The Gambia.

During the announcement, President Adama Barrow emphasized the government’s commitment to making health care accessible to all citizens, highlighting the introduction of a health insurance policy aimed at achieving universal health access. “Preventive health is important, and I urge you to reach out to the grassroots in promoting preventive health care in poor and isolated communities,” he stated.

The Gambia has shown remarkable progress in combating these diseases through continuous investments and support from donors and partners. Health Minister Dr. Ahmadou Lamin Samateh noted that the grant is a testament to the country’s effective healthcare delivery, stating, “This is an indication that The Gambia has been performing well.”

The launch was attended by several key figures including Finance Minister Honourable Seedy Keita, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health Dr. Omar Jah, Chief Medical Director Dr. Mustapha Bittaye, and representatives from The Global Fund Coordinating Committee and other partners from the Department of Health Africa and the Middle East. Germany, one of the top funders of the Global Fund, was represented by its Ambassador to The Gambia, Klaus Botzet.

This new grant cycle marks a significant step forward in The Gambia’s health sector, aiming to bolster efforts against some of the most challenging diseases and ensuring that healthcare reaches every corner of the country.

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