July 23, 2024
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New Delhi Airport: Terminal collapse kills one, injures eight


In a tragic incident early Friday morning, the roof of a newly refurbished terminal at New Delhi’s international airport partially collapsed due to heavy rains, resulting in one fatality and eight injuries. The mishap occurred at the departure forecourt of Terminal 1, which had recently been inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in March ahead of the upcoming general elections.

The disaster struck around 5 am, as torrential monsoon rains pounded the Indian capital. The collapsing structure crushed vehicles beneath massive steel girders, leaving a scene of devastation. Online images captured the extent of the damage, showing the once bustling terminal area in ruins.

Authorities swiftly responded to the emergency, canceling all flights departing from Terminal 1 until early afternoon. Despite the chaos, other terminals and arriving flights at Terminal 1 continued to operate normally.

In a statement posted online, airport officials said, “Due to heavy rain since early this morning, a portion of the canopy… collapsed around 5 am. Emergency personnel are working to provide all necessary assistance and medical aid to those affected.”

Rescue operations were promptly initiated and have since been completed, according to Atul Gard, the director of Delhi Fire Services. He confirmed the casualty figures, noting the swift efforts to aid those injured.

This calamity comes amidst the monsoon season, which has recently unleashed heavy rains upon New Delhi, exacerbating the risks for infrastructure in the region. The incident highlights the vulnerability of even newly refurbished structures to the forces of nature and raises questions about the safety protocols in place for such large-scale public projects.

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