June 15, 2024

President Adama Barrow leads by example as Gambia gears up for 2024 census


In a significant stride towards shaping the future of The Gambia, President Adama Barrow took the forefront today as the nation braces itself for its decennial census.

The ceremonial event, marking the initiation of the 2024 Population and Housing Census, witnessed His Excellency’s active participation as he engaged in both an interview and the official counting process, symbolizing a unified commitment towards national progress.

Welcoming delegates from the Gambia Bureau of Statistics (GBOS) to the presidential quarters, President Barrow emphasized the pivotal role of census data in steering the country’s developmental trajectory. Led by the esteemed Statistician General, Mr. Nyakasi Sanyang, the GBOS team engaged in a candid dialogue with the Head of State, highlighting the indispensable value of accurate demographic insights in informing policy frameworks, strategic planning, and monitoring socio-economic advancements.

Reflecting on the significance of data-driven governance, President Barrow underscored the fundamental importance of census outcomes in facilitating informed decision-making, particularly in the context of decentralization initiatives.

“Data is the cornerstone of our progress, guiding us at every juncture of our developmental journey,” remarked President Barrow, echoing the sentiment of harnessing statistical evidence to propel inclusive growth and equitable distribution of resources.

With the impending census poised to shape the trajectory of national development, President Barrow rallied public support for the monumental undertaking, urging all Gambians to actively participate and ensure their inclusion in the demographic canvas. Recognizing the indispensable role of enumerators in capturing accurate data, President Barrow’s call for collective engagement resonated with a spirit of unity and civic responsibility.

Expressing gratitude towards the dedicated efforts of the GBOS management and staff, President Barrow commended their unwavering commitment to ensuring the seamless execution of census activities across the country.

Leveraging the transformative power of digitalization, The Gambia has embraced innovative approaches to streamline data collection processes, heralding a new era of precision and efficiency in statistical analysis.

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