June 16, 2024

President Barrow, EU ambassador discuss major development projects for Gambia


President Adama Barrow welcomed European Union Ambassador Corrado Pampaloni to the State House on Tuesday, focusing on collaborative projects aimed at boosting The Gambia’s economic and social infrastructure.

A key topic of discussion was the expansion of Banjul Port. President Barrow acknowledged the slow pace of negotiations but expressed optimism about the port’s potential improvements.

“Negotiations are slow, but we are positive about improving the Port because it is linked with business enhancements and hidden prices affecting the cost of living, especially imported goods,” he explained. The port expansion is seen as crucial for the country’s economic growth and business environment.

Another significant project involves the electrification of 1,000 schools across The Gambia, which had faced delays due to technical issues now resolved. President Barrow emphasized the transformative impact of solarizing schools, highlighting the government’s commitment to providing necessary counterpart funds. “The solarisation of schools would be a game changer,” Barrow stated.

Addressing environmental concerns, President Barrow and Ambassador Pampaloni discussed plans to solve the Bakoteh dumpsite issue by creating a modern waste segregation facility. This project aims to reduce pollution, boost the economy, and increase youth employment. President Barrow pledged full government support and directed the formation of a committee to oversee implementation.

In a move to bolster the tourism sector and youth employment, the European Union and The Gambia’s Ministry of Finance are set to sign the Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) worth 10 million euros. This strategic initiative will focus on training experts within the tourism industry, thereby creating job opportunities for the youth.

President Barrow also expressed gratitude to Ambassador Pampaloni for the EU’s support in Security Sector Reform (SSR), which he noted is vital for measuring the country’s democratic progress. “These are signs of our genuine partnership,” President Barrow concluded, emphasizing the strength of EU-Gambia relations.

The meeting underscored the EU’s ongoing commitment to supporting The Gambia’s development through strategic investments and collaborations.

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