July 23, 2024
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Gambia: Anti-crime unit targets kush trade, theft in Banjul


The Anti-Crime Unit has ramped up its efforts against criminal activities in the Greater Banjul Area, with a special focus on combating the illegal Kush trade.

This escalation in operations demonstrates the unit’s unwavering commitment to ensuring public safety and security. Patrol teams have been deployed across various crime hotspots to maximize coverage and effectiveness, yielding significant results.

During a patrol in New Yundum, officers engaged in a high-speed chase with a suspicious taxi, which contained stolen livestock. The vehicle was eventually abandoned and seized by the authorities, highlighting the unit’s vigilance and swift response to criminal activities.

In another operation in Nema, the unit arrested 35-year-old Baba Fofana, who was found publicly armed with a knife, underscoring the Anti-Crime Unit’s proactive stance in deterring potential threats and maintaining public order.

These actions reflect the dedication of the Gambia Police Force (GPF) to protecting the community and curbing illegal activities in the region. The ongoing operations aim to reinforce public confidence and ensure a safer environment for all residents.

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