July 23, 2024
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Gambian politician Essa Faal denounces proposed salary increases as “betrayal of public trust”


In a stirring declaration, prominent Gambian politician and human rights advocate Essa Mbye Faal has voiced vehement opposition to the recent legislative proposals aimed at raising the salaries of judicial officers and members of the National Assembly.

Expressing deep dismay and solidarity with fellow citizens, Faal condemned what he described as a betrayal of public trust and a stark example of governmental mismanagement.

“The profound shock and discontentment I feel have led me to stand in solidarity with those angered by it and protest against this concerning decision,” Faal declared in a passionate statement. His stance underscores a belief in fair compensation for all public officers to ensure dignified lives free from poverty, emphasizing that such measures should be transparent and equitable to combat corruption and uphold moral governance.

The proposed salary increments, which reveal substantial disparities between high-ranking officials and lower-level public servants, have sparked outrage across The Gambia. Faal highlighted the stark contrast where the Speaker of the National Assembly receives D245,000 monthly, while police officers earn significantly less, ranging from D3000 to D3500.

This disparity, he argues, not only lacks compassion but also reflects skewed governmental priorities that favor the privileged few over the needs of the majority.

“In the face of rising living costs, focusing on enriching a wealthy minority instead of addressing the urgent needs of the majority is deeply disheartening,” Faal asserted. He criticized what he termed as “YEKALANTE,” a system perpetuating severe inequality and marginalizing vulnerable groups while eroding public confidence in governance.

Faal’s message resonates strongly with underpaid workers and struggling families across The Gambia, as he condemns the exploitation of national resources and calls for a return to compassionate governance.

“Greed, selfishness, and lack of compassion for the downtrodden must stop,” he urged passionately, promising unwavering support for systemic change aimed at a better Gambia.

In closing, Faal expressed empathy for those enduring hardships such as housing insecurity, inability to afford education, and lack of access to essential healthcare, pledging continued advocacy for systemic reforms that prioritize the welfare of all Gambians.

Faal’s bold stance underscores a growing movement within The Gambia demanding accountability, transparency, and fairness in governance, promising a rallying cry for change amidst national discourse.

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