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Embattled Rep Santos charged with theft in Pennsylvania in 2017


Embattled Rep George Santos was charged with theft in Pennsylvania in 2017 after more than $15,000 in bad checks in his name were given to dog breeders for “puppies.”

Embattled Republican Rep. George Santos spoke on right-wing cable news channel Newsmax on Thursday, insisting that the more than $700k he loaned to his campaign is legitimate.

“I have no fear to say that I will suffer any ethics issue with that,” he said.

However, an old theft charge after more than $15,000 in bad checks with Santos’ name is now in question. The checks were written to dog breeders in Pennsylvania for “puppies” in 2017.

Santos’ former friend Tiffany Bogosian, who is also an attorney by trade, is speaking out.

She says Santos asked for advice after claiming his checkbook was stolen. Santos apparently told her he was involved in politics, and he couldn’t have a record. The charge was eventually dismissed.

“He doesn’t deserve to be trusted with anything, let alone representation of people’s interest in Congress,” she said. “I just wish I never even got involved.”

According to social media, Santos’ animal charity organized an adoption event just days after the checks were issued. The congressman and his role in the charity is now the center of a federal investigation. His attorney has no comment.

Bogosian shared another questionable encounter with Santos, saying he tried to convince one of her clients to invest thousands in Harbor City Capital which we now know is the firm that was accused of being a Ponzi scheme by the SEC. Bogosian also told us the SEC interviewed her and her client two weeks ago.

“He doesn’t understand in two years he’s going to be the pariah of everywhere,” Bogosian said.

Bogosian who went to I.S.125 for junior high with Santos said even back then stories about his education never added up.

“He told me he went to Forest Hills high school,” she said. “I said you don’t go there. I did. I learned now he never stepped foot in any other learning institution. He got his GED and that was the end of learning for Anthony Devolder.”

The Federal Election Commission reached out to Santos for confirmation on whether he plans to run again in 2024. GOP Leadership in Nassau made it clear he doesn’t have their support.

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