Singapore “progressively deploys” more patrol robots to streets

Singapore is set to increase the presence of police robots on its streets, according to an announcement made by the Singapore Police Force (SPF) on Thursday.

After conducting small-scale trials for over five years, the SPF will gradually deploy more patrol robots throughout the city-state.

The initial deployment took place at Changi Airport’s Terminal 4 in April, with the aim of supporting frontline police officers in conducting premises patrol.

Given Singapore’s small population and low birth rate, the city of 5.6 million people relies on technology to compensate for a shortage of manpower.

To address this challenge, the SPF plans to expand the use of patrol robots in various locations across Singapore. Although no specific timeline was provided, the SPF expressed its intention to progressively implement these deployments.

Equipped with cameras, sensors, speakers, a display panel, blinkers, and a siren, the robots offer valuable capabilities.

An extendable mast with a 360-degree camera allows officers in a situation room to have a ground-level perspective, while a two-way communication channel enables direct interaction with the public.

Described as the latest addition to the SPF’s technological arsenal, the patrol robots possess autonomous patrol capabilities and provide the police with an enhanced situational awareness to facilitate better decision-making.

By utilizing their blinkers, siren, and speakers, the robots can establish cordons and warn bystanders about incidents prior to the arrival of human police officers.

Source: Agence France-Presse and SGP

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