President Weah’s gracious concession sets tone for unity amidst electoral transition

In a solemn address to the nation, Liberia’s President George Weah delivered a heartfelt concession speech, acknowledging the preliminary election results favouring Ambassador Joseph N. Boakai.

Weah, respecting the democratic process, expressed his commitment to collaborating with the President-elect for the betterment of the nation.

Amidst acknowledging the insurmountable lead of Ambassador Boakai, President Weah reached out in a personal call, extending congratulations and a sincere commitment to cooperation.

The concession marked a moment of unity as Weah wished success for President-elect Boakai, his supporters, and campaign team, expressing hope for prosperity under the new leadership.

Recognizing the people of Liberia as the true winners, President Weah praised their peaceful and orderly exercise of the constitutional right to vote. Reflecting on his leadership, he affirmed the fulfillment of promises of fairness, transparency, and credibility in organizing the elections.

He commended the National Elections Commission for their well-executed job.

However, President Weah highlighted the close results as indicative of a deep national division. Calling for vigilance against these dangers, he emphasized the importance of finding common ground during the transition. Unity, he emphasized, is crucial for the well-being of Liberia.

Addressing his party, the Mighty Coalition for Democratic Change, President Weah acknowledged the undesired outcome and urged acceptance of the election results.

Despite the Coalition’s loss, he emphasized that Liberia emerged victorious, calling for graciousness in defeat and prioritizing the nation above party affiliations.

President Weah reassured the nation that he would remain in office until the handover of power, continuing to work for Liberia’s good.

He called for healing the divisions caused by the campaign, urging the nation to come together as One Nation and One United People.

The President’s concession sets a tone of unity and patriotism during this crucial period of transition for Liberia.

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