Victorious Mali slashes World Cup Qualifier ticket prices in commemoration of Kidal triumph

In a jubilant move to commemorate the recent military triumph in the rebel stronghold of Kidal, Mali’s ruling junta has urged citizens to revel in the victory by attending two World Cup qualifier matches, accompanied by a noteworthy reduction in ticket prices.

The Ministry of Sports disclosed on Wednesday evening via Facebook that general admission tickets for the upcoming matches against Chad on Friday and the Central African Republic on Monday would be halved to 1,000 CFA francs ($1.65).

Encouraging an enthusiastic turnout, the Minister extended an invitation to the sporting public and the youth of Mali for a significant mobilization on November 17 and 20. The purpose is to collectively celebrate the historic success of the armed and security forces, alongside the Eagles of Mali, the national football team.

The triumphant moment follows Mali’s military reclaiming the town of Kidal from Tuareg rebel groups on Tuesday. This strategic northern crossroads, a historical hub of insurrection, had been under rebel control since their expulsion of the army in 2014. The victory, notably the most significant since the junta assumed power in 2020, resonated with joyous crowds taking to the streets and widespread media acclaim.

In support of the Eagles’ quest for a strong start in the qualifiers, the Malian Football Federation declared the price reduction, refraining from explicit reference to the events in Kidal while emphasizing the broader goal of fostering a triumphant beginning for the national team.

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