Gambia: Malick Lowe, leads campaign for ‘zero tolerance of children on the streets’ in Fass

In a commendable effort to address the pressing issue of children left unsupervised on the streets of Gambia, the Mayor of Banjul and President of Network of Local Elected Women of Africa (REFELA), Rohey Malick Lowe, spearheaded a highly successful sensitization campaign in Fass.

The campaign focused on instilling a “Zero Tolerance” approach towards this alarming phenomenon, emphasizing the importance of ensuring the safety and well-being of vulnerable children.

President Rohey Malick Lowe expressed heartfelt appreciation for the dedication and commitment demonstrated by REFELA members throughout the campaign.

The initiative involved engaging discussions and the sharing of personal experiences to effectively convey the crucial message to the people of Fass.

The emphasis was placed on the significance of education, whether through madrassa or English schooling, for children who are often found on the streets without proper supervision.

The resounding success of the sensitization campaign is attributed to the passion, enthusiasm, and tireless efforts of REFELA members, who played a pivotal role in its execution.

The initiative aimed not only at raising awareness but also at empowering women with knowledge, strategies, and a sense of collective responsibility. These efforts are expected to contribute significantly to creating safer and more nurturing environments for children in the community.

The Mayor extended her deepest gratitude to all REFELA members and acknowledged the crucial role they played in making a positive impact on local communities.

Additionally, she expressed appreciation for the invaluable support received from partners, stakeholders, and supporters who generously contributed their time, resources, and expertise.

The collaborative spirit demonstrated during the campaign reflects a strengthened commitment to safeguarding the rights and well-being of children, marking a significant milestone in the collective efforts to address this pressing societal issue.

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