Gambian entrepreneur soars to new heights with groundbreaking aviation innovation

In a historic leap for The Gambia, entrepreneur Mr. Sulayman Cham’s NIRO Company Limited has successfully introduced Ground Handling Services at Banjul International Airport.

The visionary leader enlisted the talents of Gambian engineer Abdoulie Konateh to create an architecturally stunning structure that not only enhances the airport’s aesthetics but also introduces in-flight catering services, elevating the country’s aviation landscape.

President Adama Barrow proudly inaugurated the impressive edifice, expressing deep gratitude to Mr. Cham for this groundbreaking initiative.

President Barrow emphasized the broader impact, stating, “This investment not only enriches The Gambia’s economic fabric but also establishes a trailblazing precedent for innovation and success within the African aviation sector.”

NIRO Company Limited, now employing over 200 young professionals, stands as a beacon of inspiration for the nation’s youth.

President Barrow underscored its significance, noting, “It serves to inspire other young entrepreneurs to dream big, work hard, and contribute meaningfully to the economic growth of the country.”

The commissioning ceremony, a highlight of The Gambia’s 59th Independence Day Anniversary events, symbolizes a pivotal moment in the nation’s progress, reflecting the power of entrepreneurship and innovation to shape a brighter future.

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