Lamin Touray’s murder: Mayor Malick Lowe expresses shock, calls for investigation

In a tragic incident that has sparked controversy and calls for investigation, a Gambian migrant, Lamin Touray, was fatally shot by German police.

The 46-year-old’s death has raised questions about police conduct and the circumstances leading to the fatal shooting.

The Mayor of Banjul, Malick Lowe, expressed shock and sadness upon learning of Touray’s death.

In a statement, Mayor Lowe extended her deepest condolences to Touray’s family and friends.

She urged the Gambian government to liaise with German authorities to uncover the truth surrounding the incident and to ensure that appropriate actions are taken.

According to reports from the German police, the fatal encounter occurred after Touray allegedly threatened his girlfriend with a knife.

Police officers confronted Touray, who purportedly refused to comply with their orders and instead attacked them with the knife.

In response, the officers fired multiple shots, resulting in Touray’s death at the scene.

The conflicting narratives between the German police and Mayor Lowe’s call for investigation have led to public outcry and demands for transparency.

Many are questioning the use of lethal force and whether alternative de-escalation tactics could have been employed.

The death of Lamin Touray has reignited discussions surrounding police conduct, migrant rights, and the need for comprehensive investigations into incidents involving law enforcement.

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