July 23, 2024
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Gambia, Guinea sign MOU for new subsea cable to boost ICT services


In a move aimed at bolstering digital infrastructure and connectivity across Africa, The Gambia and Guinea have inked a significant Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) under the Digital Transformation for Africa/Western Africa Regional Digital Integration Program (DTfA/WARDIP). This landmark agreement was announced during the official launch of the program by the Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy, in collaboration with key partners.

The MOU signifies a commitment between The Gambia and Guinea to collaborate on the deployment of a second subsea cable, which is anticipated to address redundancy challenges and boost bandwidth capacity. The objective is to pave the way for improved and reliable ICT (Information and Communications Technology) services, vital for economic growth and development in the region.

The deployment of this subsea cable aligns with the overarching goals of the DTfA/WARDIP initiative, which seeks to catalyze digital transformation and integration within the African continent, particularly in West Africa. By strengthening digital infrastructure, the program aims to unlock new opportunities in sectors such as education, healthcare, finance, and governance, ultimately fostering inclusive growth and innovation.

Speaking at the launch event, officials emphasized the transformative potential of enhanced connectivity. The new subsea cable promises to not only mitigate network vulnerabilities but also enable the delivery of high-quality ICT services to a broader population. This development is seen as a critical step towards bridging the digital divide and ensuring that African nations are better equipped to harness the benefits of the digital age.

The collaboration between The Gambia and Guinea underscores a broader trend of regional cooperation in advancing ICT infrastructure. It reflects a shared commitment to leveraging technology for socio-economic progress and underscores the strategic importance of cross-border partnerships in driving digital innovation.

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