Gambian police arrest 21 Nigerians for alleged illegal possession of communication devices

In a targeted operation on Saturday, April 14, 2024, the Gambian Anti-Crime Unit executed a raid leading to the arrest of twenty-one Nigerian nationals suspected of illegal possession of communication equipment. The operation, carried out at an apartment in Sanchaba Sulay Jobe, followed intelligence reports detailing suspicious activities linked to the group.

During the raid, law enforcement officers conducted a thorough search of the premises, uncovering a cache of communication devices. Among the confiscated items were AFRICELL and QCELL GSM SIM cards, numerous smartphones including iPhones, laptops, Rolex watches, routers, and even a diamond tester.

The arrested individuals are currently under investigation to ascertain the extent and nature of their alleged offenses. Authorities are working to determine appropriate charges based on the findings of the ongoing probe.

This development underscores the ongoing efforts by the Gambian police to combat criminal activities, particularly those involving illegal possession of communication devices and potential cyber-related offenses. The Office of the Inspector General of Police has called upon the public to remain vigilant and continue assisting law enforcement in their endeavors to prevent and combat crime.

Items recovered

The identities of the detained individuals have not been disclosed pending further investigation, with authorities stressing the importance of due process and thorough examination of the evidence gathered during the operation.

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