July 23, 2024
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Nigerian police pursue Yoruba Nation agitator sponsors, parade detainees


In a bid to crack down on the recent unrest sparked by Yoruba Nation agitators, Oyo State Police have intensified efforts to apprehend the backers behind Saturday’s invasion of the government secretariat in Ibadan. The daring attempt saw agitators forcibly entering the Oyo State House of Assembly complex, hoisting their flag, and attempting to seize control.

Commissioner of Police for Oyo State, Mr. Adebola Hamzat, made a public display on Monday, parading 21 detained agitators before journalists in Ibadan. Hamzat revealed that investigations had led them to compile lists detailing the identities of sponsors fueling the agitation. Raids conducted across various locations in Oyo State unearthed incriminating evidence, he added.

During the operation, a skirmish ensued resulting in injuries to an agitator who resisted arrest and a member of the Amotekun Corps, the regional security outfit. Hamzat emphasized that despite the tension, there were no reported fatalities during the incident.

The ongoing pursuit of sponsors signals a stern response by authorities amidst escalating tensions surrounding the Yoruba Nation movement. With the situation remaining fluid, security forces are taking proactive measures to restore calm and hold accountable those deemed responsible for the recent acts of civil disobedience.

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