President Barrow champions press freedom, partnerships with Gambian publishers

In a landmark meeting on Friday, President Adama Barrow welcomed a delegation of Gambian publishers, spearheaded by Pap Saine, President of The Point Newspaper, signaling a pivotal push to bolster ties between the government and media outlets.

During the gathering, President Barrow emphasized the critical need for sustained collaboration between media stakeholders and his administration, emphasizing the pivotal role of the press in fostering good governance and democracy. He implored the publishers to spotlight developmental issues and highlight positive strides driving The Gambia forward.

The President underscored the pivotal role of the media in upholding human rights, especially freedom of expression and access to information. He lauded the publishers for their unwavering dedication and contribution to the nation’s progress over the years.

Conversely, the publishers lauded President Barrow’s leadership and the favorable environment it has fostered for media operations. They acknowledged challenges faced, such as lingering restrictive media laws that hinder journalists’ safety and work. They particularly pressed for legal safeguards to shield journalists from undue pressures and restraints.

Lamin Cham, among the publishers present, applauded President Barrow’s commitment to press freedom and accommodating diverse opinions. He noted substantial improvements in media freedom since the former regime.

The Gambia’s standing in the Reporters Without Borders index further reflects progress, ranking 5th in Africa and 46th globally among 180 member states. This advancement signifies a promising trajectory for media rights and freedoms in the country.

The gathering also saw prominent members of the Publishers’ Association in attendance, including Samuel (Sam) Sarr from FOROYAA, Pa Sallah Jeng from Standard Newspaper, Baba Hydara representing The Point, and Musa Sherrif from The Voice Newspaper. Their presence underscored a unified front advocating for a free and vibrant media landscape.

This high-profile engagement not only underscores the government’s commitment to media freedom but also heralds a new era of collaboration aimed at propelling The Gambia’s media sector forward, fostering transparency, and promoting democratic principles.

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