June 16, 2024

Artist campaigns against racism with pins and threads artwork of footballer Vinicius Jr


Redha Salim, an Iraqi dentist and artist, sent a powerful message by creating the world’s largest pin and thread art with multiple threads.

Measuring at 13.3 m² (142 ft² 20149.96 in²), the art piece is roughly equivalent to the size of 350 Apple iPads laid out together.

The pins and threads formed an image of Vinicius Junior, a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as a forward for Real Madrid.

Vinicius – AKA Vini Jr. – is known worldwide for his finishing and dribbling abilities but the young star has suffered racial abuse due to the colour of his skin. The 23-year-old broke down in tears earlier this year during an emotional media conference.

Salim wanted to achieve this record and use his art as a tool to encourage the fight against racism.

“I want to share a message to the world through my art, we all must reject racism and try our best to eliminate it,” Salim said.

The 27-year-old works as a dentist in Iraq and found a passion for art six years ago, during his final year of university.

He said: “I felt some similarity in both dentistry and drawing with threads and pins, both of them are a form of art in a way that requires tremendous level of focus and patience.”

Wide angle of the pin and thread artwork featuring Real Madrid star

Salim added: “At the early stages, I was forming with my threads and pins simple names, geometric decorations.

“I started improving as I kept practising, with time passed by I was able to draw individuals using black threads only. And finally, I managed to reach the point of drawing with coloured threads.

Redha ended his conversation with us with some inspiring words: “dedication and hard work is a winning combination that leads to a better place.”

Achieving a world record means so much to me, to be among the list of best and most unique in the world through my art is a dream come true.

“Find what makes you special, always believe in yourself, once you master that, nothing can stop you from reaching your goals.”

The previous record title was held by fellow Iraqi artist Saeed Hwaidi back in 2022.

He created a 7.3 m² (78 ft² 83 in²) art piece featuring the flags of the countries participating in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.


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