June 16, 2024

Dubai police forum explores future challenges for search, rescue teams


In a strategic initiative to enhance emergency response capabilities, His Excellency Major General Abdullah Ali Al Ghaithi, Assistant Commandant for Operations Affairs at Dubai Police, inaugurated the “Search and Rescue Teams 2024” forum.

Organized by the Search and Rescue Department of the General Department of Transport and Rescue, the event convened experts to discuss acquired experiences and future challenges facing search and rescue operations.

The forum, held to bolster lifesaving efforts and preparedness for emergencies, including international humanitarian missions, attracted participants from various sectors.

Key discussions centered on leveraging advanced technologies and optimizing human resources for more effective search and rescue operations.

During the event, participants highlighted successful experiences from recent humanitarian missions, such as earthquake responses in Türkiye and Morocco and Storm Daniel in Libya, underscoring the critical role of search and rescue teams in global crises.

A notable aspect of the forum was the accompanying exhibition, inaugurated by Major General Al Ghaithi, showcasing cutting-edge tools and equipment essential for modern search and rescue missions.

Exhibited technologies included 3D cameras, audio sensors for detecting life under rubble, hydraulic lifting devices, specialized cutting tools, and rescue-equipped vehicles.

Major General Al Ghaithi emphasized the forum’s significance in maintaining high emergency preparedness levels among search and rescue teams. He stressed the importance of collaboration between Dubai Police, Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, Civil Defense, and other partners to ensure seamless coordination during emergencies.

Colonel Khaled Al Hammadi, Director of the Search and Rescue Department, highlighted the forum’s role in anticipating future challenges and fostering relationships among experts to exchange expertise and address opportunities for development in search and rescue operations.

Throughout the forum, experts shared insights into recent missions and advancements in rescue operations. Major Ali Abdullah Al Qusibi Al Naqbi discussed the efforts of divers in Libya post-Storm Daniel, emphasizing the role of specialized teams in challenging environments. Major Dr. Muhammad Al Zarouni presented medical supplies crucial for supporting search and rescue operations, while Lieutenant Ahmad Al Batski and Yusuf Kiaf shared experiences and recommendations for future missions.

The “Search and Rescue Teams 2024” forum underscored Dubai Police’s commitment to continuous improvement and collaboration with strategic partners to enhance emergency response capabilities both domestically and internationally. This collaborative effort highlights Dubai’s leadership in search and rescue operations and sets the stage for future advancements in lifesaving endeavors.

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