Banjul Airport excels in hosting OIC summit

Banjul International Airport has risen to the occasion, accommodating the influx of aircraft ferrying heads of state and high-level delegations for the 15th Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Summit in The Gambia.

The capability of the airport to handle such a prestigious event was the smooth parking arrangements for a total of sixteen aircraft.

Despite initial speculation about parking constraints, the decision to station only two summit-related planes in Dakar was clarified as a matter of preference rather than necessity.

These aircraft belong to the Senegalese presidential fleet and Côte d’Ivoire’s deputy leader, highlighting a strategic choice rather than any insufficiency at Banjul International Airport.

The successful management of these aircraft at Banjul Airport reaffirms its status as a premier facility for international gatherings.

The airport efficiency in handling the aircraft of dignitaries attending the OIC Summit speaks volumes about its capacity to support such high-profile events.

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