Air Senegal SA, Azalaï Hotels Group partner to elevate customer experienced

In an exciting development for travelers and hospitality enthusiasts, Air Senegal SA and Azalaï Hotels Group have officially inked a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing customer experience and loyalty within the West African travel and hospitality landscape.

The collaboration, which commenced on May 3, marks a significant milestone as both organizations align their respective loyalty programs to offer travelers a seamless and rewarding journey across air and accommodation services.

A press conference held to announce the partnership emphasized the shared commitment of Air Senegal SA and Azalaï Hotels Group to elevate the overall travel experience for their valued customers.

The alliance promises to deliver unparalleled benefits and exclusive rewards to members of both loyalty programs, fostering stronger ties between the aviation and hospitality sectors.

“This partnership represents a new era of synergy between Air Senegal SA and Azalaï Hotels Group,” expressed representatives from both entities during the press conference. “Our goal is to create added value for our customers, providing them with enhanced convenience, rewards, and personalized services throughout their travels.”

Air Senegal SA, the national airline of Senegal renowned for its commitment to quality service and connectivity, joins forces with Azalaï Hotels Group, a leading sub-regional player in the hospitality industry known for its luxurious accommodations and exceptional guest experiences. Together, they aim to redefine travel and accommodation experiences across West Africa.

Under the integrated loyalty programs, members can expect seamless benefits such as exclusive discounts on flights and hotel stays, priority services, and personalized offers tailored to their preferences.

The partnership between Air Senegal SA and Azalaï Hotels Group underscores a shared vision to stimulate tourism, business travel, and economic growth in the region. Both entities are poised to capitalize on their respective strengths to deliver unmatched value and convenience to their loyal clientele.

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