ECOWAS, AU, Francophonie applaud peaceful Togolese elections, call for dialogue

In a joint communiqué issued today, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the African Union (AU), and La Francophonie praised the recent legislative and regional elections held in Togo for their inclusivity and peaceful conduct.

The missions, invited by Togolese authorities, deployed observation teams to monitor the electoral process on April 29, 2024.

Upon arrival, the ECOWAS, AU, and La Francophonie missions engaged in consultations with various stakeholders including government officials, the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI), the Constitutional Court, and representatives from political parties, civil society organizations, and international partners.

The statement

The missions acknowledged the efforts of Togolese authorities in creating a conducive electoral environment, including establishing a Standing Consultative Framework (CPC), reducing candidate deposit fees, and implementing measures to enhance women’s participation such as reducing deposit requirements by 50% for women candidates.

They also noted fair access to state media for all political parties, smooth campaign processes, and robust security measures during the elections.

On election day, the missions visited polling stations across all five regions of Togo and observed a high level of civic engagement.

They praised the peaceful atmosphere and the proficient execution of voting and counting procedures by polling station members. Women and youth were particularly commended for their active participation as voters and polling agents. Importantly, no security incidents were reported during the electoral process.

In their communiqué, the missions emphasized the importance of maintaining peace and upholding democratic principles. They called on all stakeholders to prioritize dialogue and legal avenues to resolve any electoral disputes that may arise. The missions underscored the significance of transparent counting and timely publication of election results in accordance with the law.

Looking ahead, the ECOWAS, AU, and La Francophonie missions reiterated their commitment to supporting Togolese stakeholders in implementing post-election recommendations aimed at strengthening peace and democracy. They expressed gratitude to the Togolese authorities and people for their warm hospitality.

The head of the ECOWAS mission, H.E. Fatoumatd Jauow-Tambajang, and the heads of the AU and La Francophonie missions, Amb. Calixte Aristide Mbarn and Mr. El Ghassim Wane respectively, signed the communiqué in Lomé on April 30, 2024.

This joint effort highlights the international community’s support for Togo’s democratic progress and the importance of peaceful, inclusive elections in the region.

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