June 16, 2024

Gambia: Police training resumes for 2021, 2022 intakes in Banjulnding


The Gambia Police Force has recommenced training for its 2021 and 2022 intakes at the Police Training School in Banjulnding.

This rigorous six-month program, starting today, aims to enhance the skills of new recruits and seasoned officers alike.

The curriculum is comprehensive, covering both basic and advanced police training. It includes practical demonstrations in crime management, traffic and accident incident reconstruction, intelligence-led investigations, and charge office procedures.

As part of their training, officers will be attached to various police stations, units, and formations across the Greater Banjul Area to gain hands-on experience.

The resumption of training underscores the Gambia Police Force’s commitment to the ongoing security sector reform processes.

The leadership is focused on delivering policing services that adhere to the rule of law and meet international standards, ensuring that officers are well-equipped to serve and protect the community effectively.

This initiative is a significant step towards strengthening the capacity of the Gambia Police Force, enhancing their ability to tackle crime and maintain public safety. The training emphasises practical and advanced skills to prepare officers for the complex challenges they will face in the line of duty.

As the program progresses, it is expected to contribute significantly to the professional development of the officers, fostering a more competent and efficient police force that the public can trust and rely upon.

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