June 16, 2024

ECOWAS hosts technical workshop on resilience, human security in Nigeria


The ECOWAS Early Warning Directorate has organized a pivotal Technical Workshop on Resilience and Human Security Assessment in Nigeria.

This event is part of a comprehensive series of activities designed to deepen the understanding of security dynamics and trends across the region.

The workshop aims to identify and bolster resilience structures that support human security within ECOWAS member states.

By bringing together experts and stakeholders, the event seeks to enhance the collective capacity to address and mitigate security challenges, ultimately contributing to more stable and secure communities.

Participants in the workshop will engage in in-depth discussions and analyses, focusing on the current security landscape and developing strategies to strengthen resilience against various threats.

This initiative underscores ECOWAS’s commitment to fostering a collaborative approach to human security and resilience in West Africa.

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