June 16, 2024

Special voting begins in South Africa ahead of Wednesday’s main election


South African voters with special permissions cast their ballots on Monday, taking advantage of the early voting process to avoid the anticipated long queues on the main election day, Wednesday.

Many residents at retirement homes eagerly participated, ensuring their voices are heard despite physical challenges.

The special voting process, facilitated by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), caters to registered voters unable to travel to voting stations due to disabilities, pregnancy, or advanced age.

IEC staff visited elderly residents at their homes, providing assistance and explaining the voting procedure to ensure a smooth experience.

This election is pivotal as it will reflect the public’s sentiment towards the ruling African National Congress (ANC), which has governed since the end of apartheid 30 years ago. The outcome will determine the composition of both national and provincial legislatures.

The main election day on Wednesday will see voters from all nine provinces casting their ballots. Nearly 28 million out of South Africa’s 62 million population are registered to vote in the country’s seventh fully democratic national election since apartheid’s dismantling.

Election results are expected within days, shedding light on the future political landscape of South Africa.

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