Gambians excited to host OIC Summit

For many Gambians, the prospect of hosting the 15th Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) Banjul Summit has become a source of pride and optimism. They consider it as an opportunity to showcase their hospitality to the global world.

The citizens of The Gambia have expressed their excitement over the hosting of the OIC summit.

Speaking to Africa Parrot, the citizens welcomed the good news that representatives from 57 countries will visit the country with much excitement.

A resident, Serjo Ceesay, expressed excitement, “I am happy to receive the big icons from other countries to come to the Gambia.”

Watch the Gambians speak about the summit

Another resident, Serjo Merenah, said, “Our children will feel proud that a lot of people are coming to the country.”

Muhammed Lamin, a taxi driver, was overwhelmed with joy. He expressed that the OIC summit will serve as an opportunity for him to representatives from 57 countries.

“I have never experienced such. It is an opportunity for me to attend OIC summit,” he said.

Also speaking, a resident, Muhammed Sanyang, noted that the summit is good for the Gambia. “It is a proud moment for me as a Gambia. It will be an opportunity to promote the Gambia on the global stage,” he said.

He added, “Many people who might not know about the Gambia will use the opportunity. Majority of us here are Muslims.”

In a statement, Gambian President Adama Barrow emphasized the robust security measures in place to ensure the safety of representatives from 57 countries gathered in The Gambia.

President Barrow highlighted the country’s commitment to hosting the event for positive reasons, underscoring collaborative efforts with partner nations to enhance security provisions.

“We are proud to showcase The Gambia on this occasion and have taken comprehensive measures to guarantee the safety of all participants,” stated President Barrow.

He added, “Through concerted efforts with our international counterparts, we have bolstered security resources and empowered our personnel to effectively manage the security challenges associated with this prestigious gathering.”

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