OIC urges dialogue, mediation for stability in troubled regions

In a significant address to the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Hissein Brahim Taha, the Secretary-General, underscored the urgent need for dialogue and reconciliation to address the pressing challenges faced by countries like Yemen, Libya, Sudan, and the Sahel region.

Speaking at a key session of the OIC, Taha emphasized that dialogue and reconciliation were essential for these nations to focus their energies and resources on achieving stability and sustainable development.

Secretary-General Taha emphasized the critical importance of safeguarding the territorial integrity and sovereignty of all OIC Member States.

He lauded the proactive efforts of various Member States in fostering dialogue to resolve conflicts and urged continued support for these initiatives. Taha particularly highlighted the Syrian crisis, reiterating that political solutions remained the sole viable path toward resolving the conflict in Syria.

Addressing the assembly, Taha emphasized the OIC’s commitment to conflict prevention and peaceful dispute resolution, primarily through mediation efforts. He stressed the need for the organization to enhance its mediation capabilities to effectively prevent conflicts and foster peaceful settlements across the Islamic world.

The Secretary-General’s remarks reflect the OIC’s dedication to promoting stability and peace in regions facing turmoil. By advocating for dialogue and emphasizing political solutions, the OIC aims to encourage member nations and stakeholders to prioritize peaceful resolutions and comprehensive development.

He said, “The current conditions in countries such as Yemen, Libya, Sudan, and the Sahel region require dialogue and reconciliation as the only viable solutions to their issues. By doing so, these countries can channel their efforts and resources towards achieving stability and comprehensive development. It is crucial to preserve the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Member States.

“We acknowledge the efforts of the Member States that have taken the initiative to resolve conflicts by encouraging parties involved to engage in dialogue. As for the Syrian crisis, political solutions remain the only way to resolve it. Our organization strives to prevent conflicts and achieve peaceful settlements, primarily through mediation. We aim to strengthen our capabilities in this field.”

Taha’s speech comes amidst ongoing efforts by the OIC to address complex geopolitical challenges within its membership and beyond. The organization, which represents 57 member states, plays a crucial role in fostering unity and cooperation among Islamic nations and advocating for global peace and stability.

The call for dialogue and mediation by Secretary-General Taha resonates with the broader international community’s efforts to address conflicts through diplomatic means and underscores the OIC’s commitment to proactive conflict prevention and resolution

The OIC remains poised to further enhance its mediation efforts and strengthen cooperation among member states to tackle pressing regional challenges, following Secretary-General Taha’s call to action during this critical session.

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