June 16, 2024

President Museveni reviews progress on Inspire Africa Coffee Factory project


Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni inspected the Inspire Africa Coffee Factory project, noting significant progress in its construction. Initiated in October 2023, the project is now 60 percent complete and is expected to be finished by December 2024.

Upon completion, the facility will produce various coffee products including instant coffee, drip coffee, malt coffee, coffee energy drinks, and coffee beauty cosmetics.

During his visit, President Museveni highlighted the critical need to add value to Ugandan coffee to prevent economic losses. “The battle for coffee is to stop the hemorrhage because Africa has been bleeding for a long time,” he remarked.

He pointed out the disparity in earnings from coffee exports, noting that Uganda earns only $2.5 for unprocessed coffee, while countries like Japan, which process the coffee, make $40 from it. “This is unfair,” he emphasized.

Museveni declared a united effort to enhance the value of Ugandan coffee, calling it “Chapter One” of the nation’s strategy to boost its coffee industry and retain more of the economic benefits within the country.

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