June 16, 2024

Zambia unveils plan to provide motorbikes to teachers


In a significant development for the Zambian education sector, the National Union of Public and Private Educators of Zambia (NUPPEZ) and Kazonga Motorbikes Limited have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

This agreement outlines the collaborative efforts and responsibilities aimed at providing motorbikes to teachers across the country.

According to a report, NUPPEZ will verify and clear the names of teachers eligible to apply for the motorbike purchase scheme offered by Kazonga Motorbikes.

The Union, in collaboration with Kazonga Motorbikes, will participate in marketing efforts nationwide to maximize motorbike sales.

Both NUPPEZ and Kazonga Motorbikes will maintain records of the teachers participating in the motorbike scheme.

The company will ensure that well-serviced motorbikes are supplied on time to eligible teachers. Kazonga Motorbikes will handle the collection of installment payments from teachers participating in the scheme. The company will develop and manage the contract of sale for the transactions under the scheme. Additionally, Kazonga Motorbikes will be responsible for all paperwork related to the motorbikes, including registration and insurance, from the start of the contract of sale.

This MOU signifies a major step forward in enhancing mobility for teachers, thus potentially improving their efficiency and overall educational outcomes in Zambia.

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