June 15, 2024

Banjul: Mayor Lowe inaugurates Jarra Dasilame Borehole


The Jarra Dasilame borehole was inaugurated yesterday, marking a significant milestone in the community’s access to clean water.

The event, attended by Counselor Tong Zhan of the People’s Republic of China, highlighted the collaborative efforts between Banjul’s local government and Chinese partners.

Mayor Malick Lowe announced the inauguration on her Facebook page, emphasizing the importance of water access as a priority for REFELA (the Network of Locally Elected Women of Africa) and as part of Sustainable Development Goal 6.

“Together with the community, we celebrated with joy following our advocacy of the importance of water,” Lowe stated.

The “Water for Women” initiative, spearheaded by REFELA and its partners, aims to bring water access to every woman’s garden in The Gambia. The initiative underscores the critical role that water access plays in empowering women, granting them greater freedom and a stronger voice within their communities.

Mayor Lowe extended her gratitude to the Chinese embassy in The Gambia and all attendees of the inauguration.

“On behalf of the REFELA Executive, I sincerely thank all volunteers of this program – we are grateful,” she said, recognizing the collective effort that made the project possible.

The successful launch of the borehole stands as a testament to the power of international partnerships and community-driven initiatives in addressing essential needs and promoting gender empowerment in The Gambia.

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