June 15, 2024

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri builds multi-billion dollar Goshen City in Malawi


Malawian self-proclaimed Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is spearheading the construction of Goshen City, a multi-billion dollar modern city in the riverine port town of Monkey Bay, also known locally as Lusumbwe, in the Mangochi District of southern Malawi.

The ambitious project, still under construction, is being developed in phases. In 2022, Bushiri, the leader of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church, informed Malawi’s government that he had received over 600 emails from prospective buyers worldwide expressing interest in purchasing apartments in Goshen City.

To facilitate access to this burgeoning urban center, Bushiri has purchased ten large buses to ferry people to and from Goshen City from various cities across the country.

Bushiri has also called on the government to improve the local road network to attract more investors to Malawi for significant investment opportunities.

Highlighting the economic potential of Goshen City, Bushiri’s Goshen Farm produced over 10,000 metric tonnes of maize in 2023, showcasing the agricultural productivity and promise of the new city.

The development of Goshen City marks a significant milestone in Malawi’s urban and economic landscape, driven by private investment and visionary planning.

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