June 15, 2024

Ethiopia reigns as Africa’s leading coffee producer, exporting to global markets


Ethiopia solidifies its status as Africa’s top coffee producer, yielding approximately 496,200 tonnes in 2022, which accounts for 3% of the world’s coffee bean supply.

This positions Ethiopia as the fifth largest coffee producer globally. The country, known for its rich coffee heritage, primarily exports its coffee to Europe, the United States, and Japan.

An Ethiopian coffee farmer proudly displays his harvest, exemplifying the dedication of over 4 million small-scale farmers who contribute to the nation’s coffee production. Notably, half of Ethiopia’s coffee is consumed domestically, leading the continent in coffee consumption.

The country’s robust coffee sector continues to thrive, underpinned by the efforts of these farmers and the growing global demand for Ethiopian coffee.

  1. This success highlights Ethiopia’s crucial role in the international coffee market and its cultural significance in the daily lives of its people.

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