June 15, 2024

Made-in-Uganda buses revolutionize public transport in Kampala


Kiira Motor Corporation began supplying both electric and diesel buses to Tondeka Metro Bus Service (TMBS) in September 2022.

This initiative aims to establish a rapid bus service in the Kampala metropolitan area, showcasing the prowess of Ugandan engineering.

Kiira Motors initially delivered five diesel units, ramping up to a total of 30 units by the end of 2022. In 2023, an additional 600 buses were supplied, marking a substantial increase in the fleet. The first phase of the TMBS system is projected to incorporate 980 buses, with further expansions planned for future phases.

These vehicles, a testament to local innovation, are built by Ugandan automobile engineers. Impressively, 87% of the components and materials used in the construction of these buses are sourced from within Uganda, highlighting the country’s commitment to leveraging indigenous resources and expertise.

The deployment of these buses is expected to transform the public transport landscape in Kampala, providing a reliable and efficient service for commuters and setting a precedent for locally manufactured automotive solutions in the region.

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