July 23, 2024
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France: PM Gabriel Attal offers resignation after election defeat


In the wake of a stunning electoral defeat, French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal has announced his decision to tender his resignation to President Emmanuel Macron.

The announcement comes after Attal’s party failed to secure a majority in the recent parliamentary elections, marking a significant political shift in the country.

On Monday, Attal stated his intention to resign but also expressed his readiness to stay in office “as long as duty demands,” especially given the critical events on the horizon, such as the upcoming Paris Olympics set to begin in just three weeks.

The elections delivered a surprising outcome, with an alliance of left-wing parties projected to become the largest parliamentary bloc. This coalition, known as the New Popular Front (NFP), has managed to outpace both the far-right National Rally (RN) led by Marine Le Pen and President Macron’s centrist Ensemble coalition.

“No single group achieved an absolute majority in the election, plunging France into political uncertainty,” said political analyst Jean-Pierre Durand. “This leaves the nation without a clear path to forming a new government just days before a significant NATO summit and mere weeks before the Paris Olympics.”

The NFP, formed last month in response to Macron’s call for snap elections, has brought together previously fragmented factions, including the Socialists, Greens, Communists, and the hard-left France Unbowed. This newfound unity has significantly altered the political landscape.

Despite leading the race after the first round of voting on June 30, Marine Le Pen’s RN did not maintain its momentum. Projections from four major polling agencies on Sunday indicated that no group was on track for an absolute majority, with the left-wing NFP emerging as the largest bloc.

Attal reiterated his commitment to offering his resignation but highlighted the importance of stability amid the upcoming international events.

“I will present my resignation to President Macron on Monday. However, if my resignation is not accepted, I am prepared to remain in office as long as duty demands, particularly with the Paris Olympics approaching,” he stated.

The political landscape in France is now more fragmented than ever, with no clear majority in sight. This unprecedented situation calls for strategic alliances and compromises to navigate the coming weeks and months.

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