July 23, 2024
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From football field to farmland: Seydou Keita launches agro-industrial complex in Mali


In a move that marries the worlds of sports and agriculture, former Malian international footballer Seydou Keita has officially inaugurated the Seydou Diogo Awa Agro-Industrial Complex (SDA) in Sanankoroba, Mali.

The grand opening ceremony, attended by high-profile dignitaries including Malian Head of State, HE Colonel Assimi GOÏTA, marks a significant milestone in the country’s strides towards industrial and economic development.

Located in the Koulikoro region, the SDA complex spans seven hectares and is set to revolutionize local industry with its six distinct production units. These units include facilities for producing edible vegetable oil, oilcake and livestock feed, shea butter, and soap, along with a manufacturing unit for plastic cans. With an investment of 14 billion CFA francs, the complex is poised to create over 400 permanent jobs and an astounding 10,000 indirect jobs, providing a monumental boost to the local economy.

The inauguration ceremony saw President GOÏTA cutting the symbolic ribbon and touring the state-of-the-art facilities. In his subsequent interview, the President emphasized the strategic importance of the SDA complex for Mali’s national economy. He highlighted the manifold benefits it would bring to Sanankoroba, such as job creation, professional training opportunities, and a significant stimulation of the local economy.

President GOÏTA also underscored the critical role of public-private collaboration in ensuring the project’s success, and extended his heartfelt gratitude to Seydou Keita. He praised Keita’s patriotic initiative, expressing hope that it would serve as a beacon of inspiration for Malian youth.

The Seydou Diogo Awa Agro-Industrial Complex stands as a testament to Keita’s commitment to his homeland, transforming his legacy from the football pitch to the fields of agriculture, and heralding a new era of economic empowerment in Mali.

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